What’s Any of This Got to Do with Country Music?

Country music has always had a go-along to get-along policy. The Nashville scene has traditionally been receptive to just about any form of cooperative business venture. And the artists pander to their fan base.

That’s because, compared to other genres, country was a tough way to make a buck.

All that has changed of course. These days, country singers are about the only people still selling records. And cowboy chapeaued showmen like Brad Paisley and Kenny Chesney can make more on tour than Bon Jovi.

So why is the ‘for rent’ sign still hanging around country’s neck?

 Take this week’s ‘Academy of Country Music Awards’ live from Las Vegas (Sun., April 3, 8 p.m., CBS3). Among the most prominently featured presenters are Bethany Hamilton and Annasophia Robb.

Haven’t seen them on the record charts? Not likely you will.

Hamilton is the Hawaiian surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack eight years ago. And Robb is the actress who will play her in the movie, ‘Soul Surfer’ which hits theaters five days after the awards show.

Did we mention that ‘Soul Surfer’ is being distributed by the same corporation that owns CBS which just happens to be broadcasting the ‘ACM’s.

Hey, country music, you made it. You’re playing in the big tent now. You can drop the shabby anything-for-a-buck hustle.   



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