Kristen Bell & Courtney Robertson: The week in auto-tune

 There is viral success. And then there is a plateau high above that, when your digital moment gets autotuned. That’s what happened to two prime time beauties on You Tube this week.

First up Kristen Bell, currently starring with Don Cheadle in Showtime’s House of Lies. Her emotional interview with Ellen DeGeneres about spending her 31st birthday with a sloth (whatever floats your boat) became such an online sensation, that it was scored. The song goes a little like this:

And then there’s The Bachelor, which this season is all about the scheming and manipulation of one Courtney Robertson. The other ladies in the contest see right through her and so do the home viewers (it’s hard not to when Coutney keeps taking off her clothes) but sweet dumb Ben Flajnik just can’t seem to get enough of her transparent pandering. If only he could see this video of her greatest hits.

I can’t get that chorus-- “I got the rose” -- out of my head.

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