Insane morning show Halloween costumes: We have a winner

Well, as you might imagine, it was big year for Miley Cyrus and Duck Dynasty costumes. At least it was on the TV morning shows which go crazy each year trying to outdo each other on Halloween.

So on Today you had a wild mashup of characters, from Al Roker as B.A. Baracus from The A-Team, to Erik Estrada as himself from CHiPs. (Wait, isn’t that cheating?) Later, Kathie Lee and Hoda would do Wilma and Betty. But Matt Lauer got the most, um, attention for his very bolstered imitation of Pam Anderson from Baywatch. His costume also served as a flotation device.

Over on Good Morning America, you had Robin Roberts as Oprah, Josh Elliott as Ron Burgundy and Lara Spencer as Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty. We’re informed that Sam Champion was supposed to be King Joffrey from Game of Thrones. Good to know because we had no idea.

Our winner though comes from the always enterprising Live with Kelly and Michael. They took on everything from Honey Boo Boo to Kimye, from Breaking Bad to Gravity. But our Halloween TV award, which comes with a fun pack of Almond Joys, goes to Michael Strahan for his impersonation of Michonne, the lethal Katana-swinger from The Walking Dead. Now that's scary.

Runner-up was Charlie Rose on CBS This Morning for his spooky Crypt Keeper get-up. Hold that. We’ve just been told that Charlie wasn’t wearing a costume. Our bad.


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