‘DWTS’ shocker: Who got bounced from the ballroom? VIDEO

"Dancing with the Stars," week 9 elimination.

Could someone please remind us of the scoring procedure on Dancing with the Stars? Judges marks and viewer votes, and what else? Because there must be other mystery factors to explain Monday’s shocking result.

Redneck comic Bill Engvall has been dancing on the precipice for weeks, consistently putting up the lowest scores and still somehow surviving. But surely he wouldn’t get past week nine when he notched a pair of 21s, one for his clunky Charleston with Emma Slater, another for his wacky trio salsa set in the sugary world of Willy Wonka.

So who got the hook? Let me remind you that the final six still contained Leah Remini and Jack Osbourne.

But the bottom two turned out to be Engvall (of course) and Elizabeth Berkley Lauren, nestled in the depths despite a 26 for her elegant waltz with Val Chmerkovskiy and a sparkling 30 for her trio salsa.

Drum roll, please. As you watch the video, listen to the studio audience’s growing reaction and watch Len Goodman’s face. Whoa. Somebody up there likes you, Bill Engvall. Why, I don’t know.

VIDEO: Dancing with the Stars, Week 9 Elimination


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