American Idol: Thank God for Elton

A glammed-up Lauren Alaina shines on last night's 'Idol'.

First things first: that segment in the middle of the show where they let Howie Mandel go on and on about his new Fox series was appalling. Truly shabby and shameless.

It cast a pall over what was otherwise a wonderful evening for ‘Idol’, a pageant of the best vocal performances of the season to date.

Of course, if you can’t find a selection that flatters your voice in the gilded vault of Elton John hits, you probably should give up all hope of a singing career.

That would be a shame because according to Ryan Seacrest, these kids are all on the brink of superstardom. As per Seafoam, the career of Sir Elton ‘gives them a glimpse into their future as a pop icon.’

Reality check, Ry. How many ‘Idol’ winners have attained iconic status? Not even Carrie Underwood. Most are eking out livings on the fringes of pop. But all 11 of this year’s contestants are destined for superstardom? You may be overexaggerating their prospects just a teensy bit

Loved the new Jor-El hairdo though, Ryan.

The night began promisingly with Scott McCreery covering ‘Country Comfort’. It was arguably his best outing of the season (see video below). Granted it was the steel pedal guitar that made the song, but the arrangements all night long were better than usual.

Then Naima went all Caribbean and festive. Also having their best nights yet were Lauren and Haley. And Casey may have clawed his way back from the refuse pile by singing instead of growling for once.

Based purely on last night’s showing, the singers who should be in the bottom three tonight are Stefano, Thia and Jacob.

But quality is not an accurate barometer of ‘Idol’ popularity. I predict the actual bottom dwellers tonight will be Naima, Thia and Haley.




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