Tuesday's DN: Many on City Council sip on a cool COLA

Times are tough -- the economy is still struggling and local taxes keep going up.  But at least salaries in one local industry -- Philadelphia's City Council -- are on the rise.  Salary data provided by the City Controller's Office shows at least nine members of Council are taking a cost-of-living pay increase.

Council members aren't the only people in City Hall getting a bump in pay.  Several members of Mayor Nutter's administration have stopped giving back parts of their salaries.

City Council wants to help local voters avoid problems with a new controversial law that forces them to show some sort of state identification at polling places.  Here's a guide to obtaining ID.

A developer who has been engaged in a series of confrontations with local building trades unions for using some non-union workers just bought the 21-story Atlantic Building on the corner of South Broad Street at Spruce Street.