Friday's GOP Convention Wrap-Up

Will Bunch wades through U.S. Sen. John McCain's speech from last night and John Baer predicts a ticket with Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as V.P. will make Pennsylvania a very interesting place for the next two months.

Speaking of Palin, Jill Porter and Elmer Smith get in on the media frenzy.  And Clout cleans up on the convention ephemera.

Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin

Back here in Philly, we tell you more about the W. Wilson Goode Jr. plan to shrink City Council from 17 to 15 seats by eliminating two at-large positions reserved for minority political parties.

And our pals from over at Philly Confidential launch a story today about "three pals, some lipstick, a wig and a Taser."  Read it to believe it.