Stun-gun trio charged with robbery

Meant to post this earlier ... Friday's DN will include an electrifying story (bad pun #1) about a group of crooks who used a taser to rob a woman of her purse in West Philly earlier this week:

What do you get when you combine three pals, some lipstick, a wig and a Taser?
Some spine-tingling criminal behavior, evidently.
At least that appeared to be the case yesterday, as police charged three men with jolting and robbing a West Philadelphia woman earlier this week.
Jordan Heath, Eddie Ferguson and Michael Silva told investigators they settled on their 50-year-old victim about midnight Sunday after passing over other possible prey, including a mother-to-be and an elderly man.

Heath, 21, who told police he is a student at Villanova University and Ferguson, 19, zapped the woman in the back of the neck with a Taser at 44th Street and Larchwood Avenue, and made off with her purse when she fell to the ground, said Detective Joe Murray of Southwest Detectives.
Silva, 29, the alleged ringleader, waited nearby in a getaway car.
Murray said investigators caught up with the boltheads — who police are eyeing in two similar stun-and-run robberies — after Ferguson cashed one of the victim’s checks at a Commerce Bank, on 11th Street near Chestnut, in Center City.

Surveillance footage showed Ferguson was dressed as a woman when he cashed the stolen check.
Investigators tracked the cross-dressing crook back to a flophouse at 47th and Pine streets Wednesday night, Murray said.
They found hundreds of condoms and several transvestites hiding out inside the property.
Police later found the taser used in the attack, as well as the wig Ferguson wore and an ATM card belonging to the robbery victim, whose name wasn’t released.
Heath, Ferguson and Silva were each charged with robbery, possessing an instrument of crime, simple assault and related offenses.