Celebrities and Eagles players celebrate the Birds' Super Bowl victory down Broad Street

Nick Vadala, Staff Writer

Updated: Thursday, February 8, 2018, 11:24 AM

Ike Reese and Nick Foles

Philadelphia finally gets to officially celebrate the Eagles first ever Super Bowl win, and celebrities and Eagles players are just as amped as we are.

As we found out this season, though, the Birds have plenty of high-profile fans, from hometown folks like Bradley Cooper, Pink, and Will Smith, to non-natives like Stephen King and John Cena. It’s anyone’s guess who will show up today, but a first-time Super Bowl win comes once in a lifetime, so anything is possible.

Follow along with us here for all the celebrity action along the Eagles parade route.

In the pre-parade hours, Eagles players are showing up in their parade day best:

#Nicky6MVP #EaglesParade #FlyEaglesFly ?✌?

Parade Ready!!!!! ? #EaglesSuperbowlParade @wwe @philadelphiaeagles @tripleh

A post shared by Vinny Curry (FLEE) (@mrgetflee) on Feb 8, 2018 at 6:51am PST

@jaytrain has a Championship Belt for the @philadelphiaeagles Super Bowl Parade today ? He’s taking over our Instagram so make sure to keep tuning in #FlyEaglesFly . #JayTrain #PhiladelphiaEagles #Eagles #SuperBowlChamps #SuperBowlParade #Phillyphilly

A post shared by Fanatics (@fanatics) on Feb 8, 2018 at 6:47am PST


#WentzWagon in the house!!!!! #FlyEaglesFly #EaglesParade ???

The Sixers’ Joel Embiid, meanwhile, kept things casual:

Joel Embiid just strolling through the #EaglesParade in slippers. ?

(? @Negron1107)

As did former Phillie Ryan Howard:

Several former Eagles players are also in town, and some can’t seem to believe their eyes:

Lol. Morning

Flew up here last night from ATL, landed at Midnight!!! Up and ready for our Parade!!!

It’s #EaglesParade Day!!!!

8:15 and these Philly fans are already hyped! This day is gonna be nuts! #FlyEaglesFly #EaglesParade #Eagles #SuperBowlChampions

I just heard my first Eagles chant 15 minutes ago ! Parade day

Parade time. Speechless. #superbowl52 #philly

A post shared by Jon Dorenbos (@jondorenbos) on Feb 8, 2018 at 5:40am PST

Big Bro #MikeQuick #EagleLegend #EaglesParade ???

Philly celebs have also made the long trek back home to celebrate the Eagles first ever Super Bowl win:

The FOMO was too much to handle. See you soon Philly. @Eagles#eagles#EaglesParade

It doesn’t start for two hours. @eagles #FlyEaglesFly

Real text from @BlakeWexler about the show on Wednesday

I’ve been in Philadelphia for 10 minutes and I’ve already freed Meek

Today there is no hello…
No goodbye….
Only GO BIRDS!!!

Famed Philadelphian DJ Jazzy Jeff couldn’t make it (he’s in Poland), but he did get a few words in on ESPN:

Can’t be there because I’m in Poland but had a chance to share my joy for my @Eagles on @espn!!! Congratulations to The Philadelphia Eagles…You are The Superbowl Champion!!#GoEagles #SuperBowlChamps

DJ Jazzy Jeff: “I think I go to sleep and I wake up, and I check @SportsCenter every day just to make sure this is real.” #EaglesParade

You know it’s a true Philadelphia championship celebration when they’re even interviewing DJ Jazzy Jeff on ESPN! #FlyEaglesFly

Kobe Bryant offered his congrats from afar as well:

Philly native Kobe Bryant congratulates the #Eagles on the @nflnetwork: “You guys drove me crazy for years for years for years.”

As the parade begins, some Eagles and Eagles alumni are clearly feeling the day’s celebration:

This is amazing

PSA: please toss us beers as we drive by

At the Eagles parade, everyone was throwing beer to the Eagles players and families.❤️

These Philly fans are hyped! This day is gonna be nuts! #FlyEaglesFly #EaglesParade #Eagles #SuperBowlChampions
The celebration is on!!

WRs and TEs are ready to get this thing started. #FlyEaglesFly

Who’s ready for a party and parade in February?!! Goin get crazy today. We love you Philly! @KevinHart4real you can roll w/ me. #flyeaglesfly #eaglesparade

Y’all ready ?! #FlyEaglesFly

This is the greatest day in Philadelphia sports history! I thank you to all the @Eagles players, staff, coaches, owners, and most of all the #Eagles fans!

God bless us all! #FlyEaglesFly


The man who threw the #PhillySpecial at the #EaglesParade. #FlyEaglesFly

So far, Jason Kelce is having the most fun:

Ummm Jason Kelce in his parade finest everyone ??? #EaglesParade #FlyEaglesFly

Kelce Update: He’s going for a bike ride now.

Jason Kelce led fans in a ‘We’re from Philly, f***ing Philly’ chant at the Super Bowl parade

Jason Kelce literally just signed his own open container ticket at the Eagles Parade.. LEGENDARY

But no one catches a beer like Doug Pederson:

DOUG PEDERSON WITH THE ONE-HANDED BEER GRAB! (Video courtesy of @TimmyLederman) #EaglesParade #Eagles

Lots of folks hoping for Meek Mill’s freedom today:

“Free Meek Mill” chant as first police cars come by. #FlyEaglesFly #MeekMill #eaglesparade

Heading to the Parade. Yo Philly- #FreeMeek even for JUST TODAY!!

Everyday is a perfect day to Free Meek Mill

philly: free parking, free beer, free meek mill

Today’s chants… so far

? #FlyEaglesFly
? Eff Tom Brady
? Free Meek Mill
? USA#EaglesParade

Philly isn’t playing today #EaglesParade

B-Coop, where are you? Fans need to know:

Where’s Bradley Cooper, though?! #EaglesParade

I don’t understand why Bradley Cooper isn’t here. He IS the #eagles

They should have Bradley Cooper running in the parade in Philadelphia wearing a black garbage bag. #EaglesParade #Eagles #FlyEaglesFly #SuperBowl

If Bradley Cooper is not on one of these open air buses for the championship parade, so help me God.

And what of Rocky himself, Sylvester Stallone? Birds fans are wondering where the Italian Stallion is:

What’s the possibility that Swoop could unmask and be Sylvester stallone… as the speeches begin?

My favorite part will be 70 year old Sylvester Stallone running up the Art Museum Steps..#EaglesParade #FlyEagelsFly #SuperBowlParade

@SportsSturm @bracketdan @NotJackKemp – What’s the over under that Philly got Sylvester Stallone to come out on stage and yell “YO, Philadelphia, we are the champions”?

Sylvester Stallone or Michael B. Jordan better run up the Art Museum steps…#Underdogs #FlyEaglesFly #EaglesParade #Eagles#SuperBowl

#EaglesParade!!!! If #Rocky doesn’t show up on the steps of the #ArtMuseum I’ll be so disappointed! Come on @TheSlyStallone !!! #FlyEaglesFly @Eagles #PhillyProud #phillyphilly #eaglesnation

On his own social media, Sly congratulated the Birds on their Super Bowl win, telling the team he is “so proud” of them. He also indicated to the Birds that he would “see you soon.”

Yo Eagles! Incredibly proud of you!#philly #flyeaglesfly @slystalloneshop

A post shared by Sly Stallone (@officialslystallone) on Feb 8, 2018 at 10:10am PST

Sly didn’t show up, and at least one fan was very disappointed:

@TheSlyStallone you missed out on would have been the greatest moment in Philadelphia sports by declining the eagles offer to run up the steps during the parade!! Why?’ Why decline it?!! You are filming creed 2 now in the city. We stayed to see you. Ass!!

You declined the offer to run up the steps from the city! Creed 2 will suck. Your karma is bad now. You ruined what would be the greatest!!!! F off. Go get another face lift cause you’re falling apart.

The parade reached the Art Museum just after 2 p.m. for its official ceremony. Jeff Laurie kicked things off with a mic drop:


The Birds, meanwhile, spoke their minds:

Jason Peters:”I want to thank each and every one of these guys for going out there and fighting for me. …A bunch of guys went down, and these guys never batted an eye. You never stopped rooting for them. We always believed in each other. And that’s why we’re Super Bowl champs.”

Nick Foles: “I don’t think words can really describe what’s going on today. I’ve never seen so many people in unity celebrating one thing.”

Doug Pederson: “We brought you guys a world championship, and just like Mr. Lurie said, we’re not done yet. …This is our new norm!”

Jason Peters lookin like Rick Ross ??? #FreeMeek #eaglesparade

Brent Celek: “Philly, I love you! Philly, when I was drafted here in 2007, there was one thing all the fans said they wanted. And that was a world championship. And today, we celebrate the fact that Philly has a world championship!”

And Jason Kelce is still having the most fun:

Jason Kelce was put on this earth for one reason, and thats to be in Super Bowl Parades

Jason Kelce. Legend.

Replace the Rocky statue with a Jason Kelce statue!


Jason Kelce putting the League on blast!!! #BringinIt

.@JasonKelce sounds like a professional wrestler, getting everyone all hype. I love it. #FlyEaglesFly #EaglesParade #EaglesParade #wewonit


Jason Kelce is cutting an amazing promo on Mike Lombardi while dressed like a combination of Macho Man Randy Savage and The Grand Wizard (my 70s wrestling fans know who that is) #Eagles

No one epic rants like Jason Kelce

Talk that talk Kelce! ??#EaglesParade #Underdogs #FlyEaglesFly

Yo kelce is amazing!! Epitomizes Philly!! #worldchamps

Jason Kelce, dressed as a mummer, with a memorable parade speech. Defends Howie Roseman and Doug Pederson. Talks about all the criticism the Eagles endured. Goes through players throughout the roster, criticizes analysts in the media. “We’re a bunch of underdogs!”

Seriously @JasonKelce is a Philly legend now and should never pay for a drink or meal ever again in this town.

jason kelce’s great-great grandkids will never pay for a beverage in this town

I have never seen a professional sports parade dominated like Jason Kelce of the #Eagles is dominating here. No offense Chase Utley, but “world f–king champions” of 2008 has been dethroned. #Philly #EaglesParade

Following the celebration, Eagles players thanked the city for their support:

EPIC. That parade was epic! Absolutely unbelievable support and passion from the entire city of Philly. Can’t thank y’all enough! #WorldChamps #Hungrydogsrunfaster

Philly today was special! Thank you for your support! Shoutouts to the bus drivers, police, and security. That wasn’t the easiest job in the world but we felt safe with you. One time for Jason Kelce too!

Dilly, Dilly, Philly, Philly!! #SuperBowlParade #GangGreen #FlyEaglesFly #PartyOnBroadStreet

A post shared by Aziz Shittu (@shitrue7) on Feb 8, 2018 at 12:37pm PST

Hey man, where’d you just come from? #FlyEaglesFly #Underdogs

And the Greatest Championship parade speech ever given goes to: Jason Kelce of the Philadelphia Eagles??????

The city of Philadelphia is one of a kind!! The energy out the their was insane!!

I really lost my phone tho?

People wanna talk shit on Philly I’ve never seen a city so full of love as today. A couple million people outside and all love, no tension. Deserved a championship.

Nick Vadala, Staff Writer

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