Playing Marco Polo with Lavoy Allen

The 76ers have seemed to handle the first speedbump of the season quite nicely. And, no, we don’t mean concerns about Andrew Bynum’s knee ...

Two times earlier in the month, the club took out full page ads in the Daily News and other area papers to promote ticket sales, using photos of Evan Turner, Jrue Holiday and newly acquired center Bynum — no question the three biggest draws on the club.


On Wednesday (top photo at right), the club again took out full-page ads and this time included nine players that would seem to cover most of what will be the regular playing rotation.

Included was rookie free-agent Maalik Wayns from Villanova, who has transformed a fine exhibition season into a spot at the back-up point guard position. Not included was second-year center Lavoy Allen, out of Temple, a pleasant surprise as a rookie last year who, it would seem, is being counted on for big minutes again in 2012-13.

It was probably just an honest oversight. And the club must have realized that, since another redesigned ad is appearing in Friday’s paper (bottom photo) and now includes Allen.

We're sure some Villanova and Temple fans throughout the area are going to have some lighthearted fun with this — as well as Allen and Wayns themselves, probably — so we dutifully pass it along.

Here’s hoping since we have now seen them in the ad together, we can see a lot of them on the Wells Fargo Center court together also.