FanDuel NBA Beat the Expert Challenge, Round 4

After a horrid ninth place finish last week, I am looking to get back on track and post my first winning week of 2011.

Congratulations to 'mountainlion' and 'Fezzik' who ended last week in a first place tie and each took home $40 for their effort.

Thanks to everyone who joined, and don't forget to click here for your chance to win another easy $5. All you have to do is beat my score (philly_sports).

Last week, over 60% of the players beat my score, a number I must improve on if I want to keep my job.

That being said, I am about to make your decisions a lot easier, while putting my financial well-being at an even greater risk.

I'm going to try something new this week. I'll go through each game and give you a player that I like and a player that I would try to avoid, as well as a player to keep an eye one.

Since I have recently purchased an updated version of my favorite video game of years-gone-by, NBA Jam, I will rank the players by one of three terms: On Fire, Heating Up, and Ice Cold.

The "On Fire" and "Ice Cold" monikers speak for themselves. The "Heating Up" pick will be someone who has the potential for a break-out game, but something (injury, team chemistry, splitting time, or even price) makes me slightly nervous.

Without any further introduction, here are my Tim Kitzrow Picks of the Week (named after the announcer from NBA Jam) for Friday night's beat the expert challenge. Boomshakalaka!

Bulls at Pacers

Ice Cold - James Posey ($4,700)

Heating Up - Darren Collison ($6,200)

On Fire - Carlos Boozer ($7,500)

Bucks at Sixers

Ice Cold - Andre Iguodala ($5,900)

Heating Up - Ersan Ilyasova ($6,000)

On Fire - Elton Brand ($7,300)

Pistons at Raptors

Ice Cold - Rip Hamilton ($5,800)

Heating Up - Tayshaun Prince ($6,800)

On Fire - DeMar DeRozan ($6,400)

Bobcats at Celtics

Ice Cold - Stephen Jackson ($7,400)

Heating Up - Gerald Wallace ($6,200)

On Fire - Rajon Rondo ($6,200)

Kings at Knicks

Ice Cold - Wilson Chandler ($7,600)

Heating Up - Raymond Felton ($7,900)

On Fire - Amar'e Stoudemire ($9,600)

Mavericks at Spurs

Ice Cold - Tony Parker ($7,300)

Heating Up - Shawn Marion ($6,200)

On Fire - Manu Ginobili ($7,600)

Hornets at Rockets

Ice Cold - Kevin Martin* ($7,400)

Heating Up - David West ($7,700)

On Fire - Luis Scola ($7,600)

*If Martin returns to the lineup

Cavaliers at Jazz

Ice Cold - Mo Williams ($6,400)

Heating Up - Antwan Jamison ($7,400)

On Fire - Deron Williams ($8,300)

Clippers at Warriors

Ice Cold - Reggie Williams ($5,500)

Heating Up - Eric Gordon ($7,700)

On Fire - Blake Griffin ($8,900)

Nets at Lakers

Ice Cold - Brook Lopez ($7,400)

Heating Up - Devin Harris ($6,600)

On Fire - Kobe Bryant ($8,400)

Blazers at Suns

Ice Cold - Andre Miller ($6,800)

Heating Up - Steve Nash ($7,400)

On Fire - Lamarcus Aldridge ($8,800)

There you have it. This week's Tim Kitzrow Picks. Don't forget to click here and make your picks for a chance to beat me and take home some cash. Good luck.


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