Dallas Mavericks post 'Super Marion Bros.' video on YouTube

The Dallas Mavericks proved once again they are a pretty cool organization by posting a fantastic video on their YouTube account on Thursday. The video inserts Mavs forward Shawn Marion into the Super Mario Bros. video game world, where he shoots basketballs instead of fireballs and chases down Bowser, who stole The O'Brien trophy. They even gave Marion Mario's signature stache.

Our favorite part? Marion yelling "That's what's up!" after dunking the ball onto Bowser's head and winning the trophy. 

Here is the description of the video posted by the Mavs: "You ever have one of those days when a turtle with spikes on his back steals your NBA Championship trophy, then spits fire at you and runs away, only to give you the chance to kill him by dunking a basketball on his head...neither do I....but evidently it's the kind of thing that happens to Shawn Marion all the time!"