Saturday, April 19, 2014
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Your potential 2014 Phillies Opening Day lineup

Same as it ever was... (AP Photo/Mel Evans)
Same as it ever was... (AP Photo/Mel Evans)'s Todd Zolecki suggested that with two quick moves, the Phillies 2014 lineup could already be set.

This would be the Phillies' "win now" lineup:

1. Ben Revere, CF

2. Jimmy Rollins, SS

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  • 3. Chase Utley, 2B

    4. Ryan Howard, 1B

    5. Marlon Byrd, RF

    6. Domonic Brown, LF

    7. Carlos Ruiz, C

    8. Cody Asche, 3B

    Average age: 30.8 (MLB average = 28.5)

    2013 total WAR: 15.1 

    2013 team BA: .272 (MLB average = .253)

    2013 team OPS: .751 (MLB average = .714)

    Each batter has an extra stat, indicative of what their most valued asset is (Jimmy Rollins = defense, Ben Revere = speed, Ryan Howard = power, etc.)

    Revere: .305/.691 OPS in 336 PA. 22-for-30 in stolen base attempts

    Rollins: .252/.667OPS in 666 PA. -2.7 UZR (This is average to below average range)

    Utley: .284/.823 OPS in 531 PA. .348 OBP (MLB average = .318)

    Howard: .266/.784 OPS in 317 PA. .465 SLG (MLB average = .396)

    Byrd: .291/.847 OPS in 115 PA. .511 SLG

    Brown: .272/.818 OPS in 540 PA. .494 SLG

    Ruiz: .268/.688 OPS. -2 rSB, 1.8 RPP*

    Asche: .235/.691 OPS in 179 PA. -4.0 UZR

    So, not pretty. Not yet.

    There be a bounce back here, a decline there, or in some cases a continued straight line of unimpressive numbers. Cody Asche had the only negative WAR (-0.2), and he only got 179 plate appearances, so that's a plus.

    The Phillies need to either make more changes offensively, or stop pretending like they are playing to make the post season.

    *From Fangraphs:

    rSB: Calculated by The Fielding Bible, Stolen Base Runs Saved measures how many “runs” a catcher contributes to their team by throwing out runners and preventing runners from attempting steals in the first place.

    RPP: First calculated by Bojan Koprivica, Passed Pitch Runs (RPP) calculates the number of runs above / below average a catcher is at blocking pitches.

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