Video: Phillies prospect Jiwan James makes unbelievable catch

Reading Phillies outfielder Jiwan James made one of the most spectacular catches you'll ever see on Saturday, robbing Bowie's Jonathan Schoop of a home run with a defensive gem that has jaws dropping all over the country.

In the third inning of the R-Phils' 4-2 loss to the Baysox at FirstEnergy Stadium, Schoop blasted a fly ball to deep center which appeared to be a sure homer. James, on a dead sprint, climbed the centerfield wall, reached up with his glove hand — and whiffed.

But James, after landing hard on his back, immediately reached up to display the ball safe and secure — amazingly — in his bare right hand. Video of the catch went viral on social media almost immediately and landed James on ESPN's SportsCenter Top 10 on Sunday.

It's difficult in the video to see exactly how he made the nearly unbelievable catch, and some have questioned whether he made the catch at all, but there's no denying James authored one incredible highlight.

Video of James' catch is embedded below. Give it a watch (or two) and decide for yourself - catch or no catch?