Fishtown native making Spring Training debut with Oakland A's

Fishtown has given Philadelphia many things: a place to keep the hipsters, incredibly affordablecity wide specials, and a delicious chili cook-off this Sunday. 

But the most immediate product of Fishtown one can witness is Sean Murphy, a 25-year-old righty who will be making the start today for the Oakland A's in Arizona's preseason Cactus League against the Texas Rangers.

Drafted in 2010 out of Keystone State College, Murphy has trekked from rookie ball to the Athletics' double-A affiliate in Midland, Texas, where he is considered one of the top three arms on the staff. At 6' 6", 220 lbs., his fastball has been clocked at 93 mph.

The A's are playing a split-squad game, with one of the squads being comprised mostly with bench players or players on loan from the minor league camp. Murphy falls under the latter - he has yet to pitch in triple A - and isn't there to make the team. But he was intriguing enough for them to want a look before the close of the preseason.