Domonic Brown not selected for Home Run Derby

Philadelphia Phillies' Domonic Brown. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

One National League player began Monday with more home runs than Domonic Brown. The 25-year-old Phillies left fielder was picked to his first All-Star Game, and he loved the idea of participating in the Home Run Derby. That made him a sure bet to be selected.

He was not.

David Wright (13 homers), Carlos Gonzalez (24), Michael Cuddyer (15) and Bryce Harper (13) will compete for the NL. Wright is the captain of the team. He told New York reporters he selected Gonzalez because he leads in homers; Harper because he led an online fan vote; and Cuddyer because they are childhood friends.

Brown, who has 23 home runs, said Monday he was never contacted. He wanted to do it.

"It can screw up your swing if you go about it the wrong way," Brown said. "I'd go about it the right way."

No Phillies player has participated in the Home Run Derby since Ryan Howard in 2009. Howard won it in 2006, one year after Bobby Abreu did the same.


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