Utley at 3B still up in the air

The Phillies plan for 2013 could involve Chase Utley playing third base. (Michael Bryant/Staff Photographer)

Kevin Frandsen will start at third base when the Phillies play the second to last regular season game at Citizens Bank Park on Wednesday night.

The Phillies have just one game left in South Philly before wrapping up the season with six straight on the road in Miami and Washington. 

With the team all but mathematically eliminated from postseason hopes, one of the few story lines worth watching is the Chase Utley Third Base Experiment.

Utley took ground balls at third on Wednesday afternoon, a couple of hours before the team took regular batting and infield practice. The season ends a week from today.

Will Utley play in a game at third base in 2012?

"It's still up in the air," Utley said Wednesday.

Utley did say he's felt more comfortable with each session at third base, which is important since it sounds an awful like he's in the driver's seat as far as giving the green light to move from pre-batting practice work to playing at third in a game.

"When he’s ready, he’ll come and talk to me," Charlie Manuel said. "When he’s ready to play there, I’ll put him there. I have no problem with that. I think he’s earned a right to have a say about it. That’s how I see it."