Viewer's guide: How to watch the 2016 Rio Olympics on NBC channels

Here's a guide to finding the NBC channels that are broadcasting coverage of the 2016 Summer Olympics from Rio de Janeiro.

Below, you'll find channel numbers for Comcast, Verizon FiOS, RCN, DirecTV and Dish Network in Philadelphia. The guide is meant for the local audience, but if you've come here from elsewhere and subscribe to one of the above systems, the channel assignments might also work for you.


While there are some local Comcast systems that put channels on different numbers, this is where you'll find the channels in most of the region. If you have a X1 box, you can watch every event live, whether it's on TV or only streamed online, in the device's Olympics programming section.

NBC: 10 (SD), 810 (HD)
NBCSN: 42 (SD), 848 (HD)
USA Network: 5 (SD), 823 (HD)
MSNBC: 76 (SD), 818 (HD)
CNBC: 47 (SD), 819 (HD)
Bravo: 80 (SD), 832 (HD)
Golf Channel: 79 (SD), 849 (HD)
Basketball specialty channel: Not carried
Soccer specialty channel: Not carried
Telemundo (Spanish): 24 (SD), 796 (HD)
NBC Universo (Spanish): 631 (SD)

Verizon FiOS

NBC: 10 (SD), 510 (HD)
NBCSN: 90 (SD), 590 (HD)
USA Network: 50 (SD), 550 (HD)
MSNBC: 103 (SD), 603 (HD)
CNBC: 102 (SD), 602 (HD)
Bravo: 185 (SD), 685 (HD)
Golf Channel: 93 (SD), 593 (HD)
Basketball specialty channel: 591 (HD)
Soccer specialty channel:
 598 (HD)
Telemundo (Spanish): 27 (SD), 527 (HD)
NBC Universo (Spanish): 275 (SD)


NBC: 10 (SD), 610 (HD)
NBCSN: 382 (SD), 691 (HD)
USA Network: 109 (SD), 624 (HD)
MSNBC: 311 (SD), 652 (HD)
CNBC: 310 (SD), 651 (HD)
Bravo: 106 (SD), 621 (HD)
Golf Channel: 381 (SD), 694 (HD)
Basketball specialty channel: 586 (HD)
Soccer specialty channel:
585 (HD)
Telemundo (Spanish): 20/802 (SD), 614 (HD)
NBC Universo (Spanish): 231/794 (SD)


NBC: 10 (SD and HD)
NBCSN: 220 (SD and HD)
USA Network: 242 (SD and HD)
MSNBC: 356 (SD and HD)
CNBC: 355 (SD and HD)
Bravo: 237 (SD and HD)
Golf Channel: 218 (SD and HD)
Basketball specialty channel: 600-2 (HD)
Soccer specialty channel:
600-1 (HD)
Telemundo (Spanish): 62 (SD and HD)
NBC Universo (Spanish): 410 (SD and HD)
Multi-event mosaic channel: TBD
4K HD events: 106

Dish Network

NBC: 10 (SD), 810 (HD)
NBCSN: 42 (SD), 848 (HD)
USA Network: 105 (SD and HD)
MSNBC: 209 (SD and HD)
CNBC: 208 (SD and HD)
Bravo: 80 (SD), 832 (HD)
Golf Channel: 79 (SD), 849 (HD)
Basketball specialty channel: 97 (HD)
Soccer specialty channel: 98 (HD)
Telemundo (Spanish): 24 (SD), 796 (HD)
NBC Universo (Spanish): 631 (SD)
Multi-event mosaic channel: 148 (HD)
4K HD events: 146