Mixed signals in Weber saga

Paul Holmgren and Nashville's David Poile have talked just once since Shea Weber signed the Flyers' offer sheet. (Yong Kim/Staff file photo)

As this is being written, there are a little less than 48 hours until Nashville has to make a decision on whether to match the Flyers' bold,14-year, $110 million offer to star defenseman Shea Weber.

There are mixed signals being sent.

The fact that Nashville has not talked to Weber since he signed the offer sheet Wednesday leads one to believe the Predators are not going to sign the restricted free agent.

Then again, if Nashville wasn't going to match the offer, wouldn't it be having daily conversations with Flyers GM Paul Holmgren about trying to make a deal _ and getting more value than the four No. 1 draft picks as compensation?

Holmgren and Nashville GM David Poile have had just one conversation since Weber signed the offer sheet.

The Flyers would not confirm or deny whispers that a trade was NOT discussed during that conversation. (If it wasn’t, then Nashville probably plans to sign him.)

The deadline is Wednesday night at 11:30. That gives both sides less than two days to try to work out a deal. Or not.

One wonders if the New York Rangers acquiring standout winger Rick Nash on Monday will cause Holmgren to offer Nashville a trade package that is sweeter than he originally wanted to present.

If Holmgren doesn't land Weber, the Flyers will be 0 for 3 in trying to lure marquee free agents to Philly this summer. This one would hurt the most because Weber WANTS to be a Flyer _ and because he is a bigger difference- maker than Zach Parise or Ryan Suter, each of whom signed with Minnesota.

One last thing: Nashville, a source said, offered Suter a 13-year, $85 million deal earlier this month. Weber’s contract is a bit steeper, but it includes $27 million in the first calendar year and $68 million in the first five years.

That has caused the Predators’ 10-member ownership group to pause and see if it can afford the contract and all its ramifications.

The clock is ticking.

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