Shady Heads to 'Home Field'

LeSean McCoy played and practiced at Heinz Field when he starred for the Pitt Panthers. Got to know the Steelers' players and coaches. McCoy said Friday he would even watch Steelers games at the home of then-Steelers wideout Santonio Holmes, with some of Holmes' friends.

Sunday's Eagles-Steelers game will be the first regular-season trip to Pittsburgh for the NFL's current third-leading rusher, and it means something.

"Tons of guys will come out to the game," McCoy said. "A lot of old friends and family. I'm excited to go back. I can't get wrapped up in the individual thing of 'I'm about to go back there and see all my old friends and play in my old stadium.' I'm definitely going there for one thing, to get a win."

But, he'll know where he is when he comes out of the tunnel, will remember Pitt-West Virginia games, will spend a minute or two with Steelers he came to know well, such as safety Ryan Clark.

McCoy recalled watching Steelers' practice. "They'd say guys are hurt, you know, 'is he going to play this week?' We'd see him practicing, [think], 'he's playing this week.' ... I have tons of friends on that team, offense and defense ... It's going to be weird, going back home ... I know they'll play tough, as always."

McCoy said he hasn't heard much from the Steelers this week, didn't expect to get into any jawing, even though wideout Antonio Brown bizarrely was quoted as referring to Eagles nickel corner Brandon Boykin as a "candy bar."

"They don't talk too much. [Safety Troy] Polamalu will play as hard as he can, he won't say a word," McCoy said. "They ain't gonna call me no candy bar."