Reid: Eagles ready to compete for championship

Andy Reid said he believes the Eagles can build on last year's late-season success. (David Maialetti/Staff File Photo)

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- As is the custom, Andy Reid was asked the annual question as to whether the Eagles are ready to compete for a Super Bowl championship this season.

His answer: "Yes. That’s what makes it exciting. I think we have a good group coming back. As long as we build on what we did (late) last year, which I think is important in this case. Every year is different. I understand that. But we’ve got to take the momentum that we finished with and build on it and continue to get better."

The Eagles won the last four games of the regular season to finish 8-8, as you remember.

Owner Jeffrey Lurie after the season made a reference to those wins as being "fool's gold."

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