Pack Eyeing Westy?

Brian Westbrook might be about to join the Green Bay Packers. (Ron Cortes/ Staff file photo

Was just thinking today that we really ought to hear soon about somebody, somewhere, being interested in adding Brian Westbrook, who has been on the market a while now. No sooner thought than blogged, by Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Silverstein writes that the Packers are thinking of bringing in Westbrook, who of course flourished here in a very similar offense. One would think Packers coach Mike McCarthy would be able to get a good sense of what Westbrook can and can't do at this stage of his career from Green Bay alum Andy Reid.

Certainly, Westbrook could be effective in a limited role, especially in a West Coast attack. The Packers play on  natural grass, which is a must for Westbrook -- his chronic bad left knee swelled up whenever he practiced or played on turf. This sounds like something that ought to work out.


Checked in today with Kristen Kuliga, agent for Sav Rocca, and Drew Rosenhaus, agent for Max Jean-Gilles, on why their clients are the only 2 Eagles restricted free agents who haven't signed their one-year tender offers. Kuliga said it's just a matter of Rocca getting back from Australia, he'll sign when he does. (Guess they don't have fax machines down under.) Rosenhaus did not reply. Hard to see Max, who is lucky to be in the league, playing RFA hardball, though.