Eagles' Allen: 'We've done some things this offseason'

Eagles safety Nate Allen says he's focused on winning a Super Bowl. (Yong Kim/Staff file photo)

Safety has been among the more maligned positions on the Eagles as the dissection of an 8-8 season continues, and most expect the Eagles to target the position in the draft.

Nate Allen, who enters his third year after being a second-round pick in 2010, says to expect things to be different.

“I’m very comfortable in the system," Allen said. "We’ve done some things this offseason. I’m excited to get back up there with the playbook and getting with the guys and getting ready for the season.”

Among those things is the addition of middle linebacker DeMeeco Ryans in a trade with Houston.

Allen is expected to return to Philadelphia on Thursday.

Allen returned to his hometown of Cape Coral, Fla., yesterday to speak to 600 middle school students at Fort Myers Middle Academy to prepare for the FCAT, a standardized test given to students across Florida to help them prepare for high school.

“I just want to encourage them and let them know that it’s important and that they should take it seriously,” said Allen, according to the Fort Myers News-Press. “I want to emphasize that to them. They might not understand it right now. It’s very important for them to move on to the next level.”

Allen donated $1,500 worth of new uniforms to the school's basketball teams. Nate’s father, Jackie, works at the school as a security guard. His mother, Darlene, also attended his talk to students. Nate also ate lunch with several of the school's athletes after his presentation.

Allen had 48 tackles, two sacks and three interceptions in 13 starts last season. Allen said his goal initally was to make a Pro Bowl when he turned pro, but that he has changed his mindset.

“Winning a Super Bowl is the main thing,” Allen said. “Most NFL guys, they’d give up a Pro Bowl any day to win a Super Bowl.”

“I’m working hard,” he said. “I want to make as many plays as I can. And it’s not just on the field. As an organization, we give back a lot. The Eagles are real big on giving back to the community. We’re one of the top teams in the league for giving back. That’s the main thing. That’s important to me.”