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Andy Reid just made his last major hire, one way or the other.


Andy Reid introduced Juan Castillo as the Eagles´ new defensive coordinator Wednesday. (Steven M. Falk/Staff Photographer)
Andy Reid introduced Juan Castillo as the Eagles' new defensive coordinator Wednesday. (Steven M. Falk/Staff Photographer)

It seemed odd when the Eagles hired Juan Castillo, a former linebacker and defensive assistant, to be a low-level offensive assistant coach under Ray Rhodes.

Odd, but not that big a deal. It doesn’t matter that much who breaks down film for the real coaches to pore over. And no one ever loses a game because the tight ends coach isn’t good enough.

But this? This is a bizarre and possibly job-threatening move by Andy Reid. Moving Castillo to the defensive side, to coach the linebackers or something, would make some sense. But putting him in charge of running the defense for a team that desperately needs a great defensive coordinator is just beyond understanding.

Castillo is a legendary workaholic. He’s a really good guy. If it is in his interest to vary his resume in order to improve his chances to become a head coach, then that’s a fine thing.

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But putting this kind of pressure on anyone is just not a rational thing to do. Castillo has never put together a game plan, has never called a play in live action, has never managed the personnel shuffling that goes on during a game. He will work at mastering those things, and maybe he will, but the Eagles can’t afford that kind of learning curve. They already wasted a season on an in-house, hard-working, good guy.

But really, the pressure isn’t on Castillo. It is on the man who made this move.

One way or the other, Andy Reid just made his last major hire.

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