Manning brothers cartoon caption contest winner

Earlier in the week, I asked for your best caption suggestions for my new Super Bowl cartoon, featuring Eli Manning giving Peyton some brotherly advice. Congrats to @ENerdBlog, who came up with the winning caption, posted above.

Here are the runner-ups:

"Thanks for introducing NY to a different "Manning face." They're tired of mine." — @FelskeFiles

"Maybe the next neck surgery, you could have the doctors remove the choke muscle." — csdrew

"At least you have more Super Bowl wins than Dad." — CFA

I also thought i'd include this gem. Don't know what @kunk7 was trying to say with it, but since it features one-time Eli backup Jared Lorenzen - the "Hefty Lefty" - who's still playing quarterback for the North Kentucy River Monsters, I figured it was worth an honorable mention: