Vick points finger at media

Michael Vick told reporters Saturday that they "create a lot of turmoil for us sometimes.” (Alex Brandon/AP file photo)

Could Eagles quarterback Michael Vick be feeling the heat from the media?

Speaking after practice on Saturday, Vick pointed a finger toward the media for making things difficult for the 3-4 Eagles.

Vick didn’t come out and say it was the media’s fault he has committed 13 turnovers, eight interceptions and five fumbles. Yet he gave an honest assessment what he thinks is the negative impact the media has had on the team.

“You guys create a lot of turmoil for us sometimes,” Vick said. “It’s cool man. We have to battle through it.”

It must be noted that Vick wasn’t saying this in a mean tone, just calmly stating his opinion.

“The quieter you all can be, the easier for us that we can concentrate and focus as individuals, as a unit as a team and organization,” he said.

So at least give Vick some points for his honesty. Many athletes suggest that what the media says means nothing.

“We are trying to block out everything,” Vick said. “We understand that is the nature of this business. We are trying to keep everything as low key and mellow as possible with all due respect.”

Low key in Philadelphia and concerning the Eagles?

That might be a more difficult task than remaining turnover-free against the Saints.