Julie Hermann wins over Rutgers boosters

New Rutgers athletic director Julie Hermann. (Mel Evans/AP)

Embattled new Rutgers athletic director Julie Hermann took a step towards cleaning up her image Thursday night when she met with a group of boosters and Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany.

Don Musso, one of those boosters at the get-together, told the Newark Star-Ledger that Hermann "started the healing process" at the three-and-a-half hour meeting, which took place at a restaurant in New Brunswick.

Hermann acknowledged that she has much more work to do in order to fix her reputation. She also has to fix the long-running financial woes in Rutgers' athletic department, which will be part of the Big Ten starting in 2014.

"I understand I have to walk in that office every day and prove myself for a long, long time," Hermann told the Star-Ledger.

Hermann also said her aim is to meet "at least 300" donors, and that she "wouldn’t even attempt to judge" her success until that happens.

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