Thursday, February 26, 2015

Jonathan Papelbon wants to blow up the Phillies

Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)
Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

After losing eight of nine games on their most recent road trip, it appears that the Phillies hopes of making the playoffs are all but lost.

And closer Jonathan Papelbon is second guessing his decision to come to Philadelphia, saying after Sunday's ugly loss to the Tigers that he "definitely didn't come here for this."

For the first time this season, Charlie Manuel's crew is seven games below .500 and find themselves 9.5 games out of the playoffs - 11 games off the pace in the NL East.

If the Phillies are going to turn it around, it will require a full house cleaning, Papelbon told

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  • "It's going to take, in my opinion, a lot," he said. "And in my opinion, I think it's going to have to be something very similar to what the Red Sox went through a couple years ago. From top to bottom."

    "I left. Carl [Crawford] left. [Josh] Beckett left. Adrian [Gonzalez] left. Now look at them."

    And what if that doesn't happen? Will Papelbon ask to be traded?

    "No, I would like to stay here. But if I'm going to have to put up with this year after year, then no, I don't want to be here. Why would you? Why would anybody?"


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