Nokia's Mobile a la Mode: Jeroen Van Tuyl

Luxury Fashion: The latest designer to throw his hat into the mobile phone ring is Jeroen Van Tuyl. The Dutch designer has teamed up with Nokia to create a military-like sling to match and carry the Finnish giant's new 8800 mobile.

Van Tuyl follows in the footsteps, or rather ring tones, of Versace who partnered with Samsung and Dolce & Gabbana, whose Razr phone for Motorola retails for $600.

With the mobile phone industry reaching maturity, brands are increasingly linking with designers and luxe labels to differentiate themselves in the market. Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer is to introduce a branded phone with a $1,500 price tag later this year in a deal with French manufacturer ModeLabs Group. While Swiss phone maker GoldVish, which plans to launch a line this fall priced from 20,000 Euros up, has asked the Guinness Book of World Records to recognize its sale of a $1.2 million diamond-studded phone as the global record in the industry.

Jeroen Van Tuyl's take is far more design driven. When Nokia approached the young talent for an accessory to match its 8800 mobile the result was a sharp elegant black leather case for men, that can carry their mobile and other digital gadgets.

A Dutchman with Indian origins, Van Tuyl, made his Paris debut in February this year in the charming Salon d'Honneur of the Bourse's, this city's former stock market.

What stood out in his men's wear collection was his telling eye for detail - bad boy badges, metal trim scarves, great silver rocker shoes or patent leather pumps - plus an ability to mix sports with sartorial. Just like his phone carrier for Nokia, which will retail for 250 Euros, or $300.

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