Letters: Make your vote count


Make your vote count

We are witnessing a revolution. Voters are switching party registration; others are registering for the first time. While independents and third-party voters continue to be excluded from voting in the Pennsylvania primaries, the major parties are struggling to maintain control.

Some prominent Philadelphia Democrats bemoan the fact that the commonwealth doesn't have California's top-two primary system, in which all candidates, regardless of party, compete in a first-round election, with the two top vote-getters moving on to a runoff.

A prominent Democrat says it is time for term limits. And in Harrisburg, the bipartisan Senate Bill 484 and House Bill 1835 would create an impartial, independent citizens' commission with rules ensuring fairness and transparency in the redistricting process.

You can join Fair Districts PA, the coalition that is asking our legislators to pass these constitutional amendments to restore accountable government, by signing a petition at www.fairdistrictspa.com.

|Norma Van Dyke, Independent Pennsylvanians, Philadelphia, nvandyke121@comcast.net