IT'S A SIN for Kenyatta Johnson to have a casino built by the Cordish Cos. with the adverse publicity the company got. The Cordish Cos. have had many racial suits files against them; several were settled out of court.

Kenyatta Johnson was planning his birthday party/campaign fundraiser bash at the company's South Philadelphia Xfinity Live location, until he was told that it would be a conflict of interest. He is most certainly a perfidious person.

Alfred Augustus


School buses need external cameras

At the start of the new school year, I had several conversations with parents about school-bus safety. As concerned parents, we observe drivers speeding in school zones and going around buses as they load and unload.

Is it too much to ask for cameras on school buses to catch these violators? One of our state representatives needs to present a bill on the Legislature floor, or let's put this question on the ballot and let voters decide. Remember, a society is judged by how we treat our young and our seniors.

Timothy R. Young