Letters | McCain on Iraq: Still a hero

THE PETERS cartoon in the July 13 Daily News on Sen. John McCain's campaign wasn't funny.

His continued support for the Iraq war has doomed whatever chance he had to reach the White House.

The courage that he demonstrated for six years in a North Vietnamese prison camp is still on display in the current political arena. He'll join the list of great Americans who were not elected president.

Tom O'Neill, Philadelphia

More geography

Bill Reilly (letter, July 13) you are correct. H and Ontario is nowhere near Port Richmond.

It is Harrowgate. Roosevelt Boulevard and Cottman Avenue is where Rhawnhurst, Castor, Lexington Park and Mayfair meet. By the way, I for one would not venture into Kensington (K&A) at night OR DAY!

Mark Anthony Vare

Philadelphia (Fox Chase)