Letters | Some post-primary punditry

IWAS VERY disappointed in the news coverage of the candidates before the primary.

Michael Nutter was given such positive exposure and the other candidates' accomplishments were minimized. I'm not displeased that Michael Nutter won the primary, but I feel that Tom Knox was barely mentioned - and when he was, it was mostly negative rhetoric.

Bob Brady should not have been a candidate. It was obvious his whole premise for running was to take away votes from the others. His position was, "If not me, then vote for Nutter."

Politicians think the public is stupid. I think Bob Brady wants the current politics to stay status quo. I wonder if he would have put himself in the race if he had had to resign from his seat in the House.

I'm hoping that when Michael Nutter takes over as mayor, there won't be the same old-good-buddy/ pay-to-play tactics.

The murders continue to be an everyday occurrence, and people are accepting it and becoming uncaring. This city is desperate for a change.

Fran Gallo