Stocking up on water, Philly battles the heat

Polar bears and protesters need to stay hydrated. Philadelphia is here to help.

The temperature hit 97 degrees on day one of the Democratic National Convention, and it was expected to hit 95 on Tuesday.

But those are just numbers on a thermometer. How about some data on the tangible aspects of searing heat?

To wit:

Philadelphia spent $39,000 to buy 88 pallets - 152,064 bottles - of water for distribution to people who were outdoors in some convention-related capacity, the mayor's office said. That includes demonstrators, city personnel, and members of the public.

The city already had six pallets on hand, plus another six from the Second Alarmers, a volunteer group, and eight from the Salvation Army.

Total number of pallets: 108, containing a total of 186,624 bottles, the mayor's office said.

As of midday Tuesday, 59 of the 108 pallets had been distributed in an effort led by the city's Office of Emergency Management. Six more pallets were scheduled for delivery Wednesday, and the city is ready to buy more if needed, the mayor's office said.

There are "water drops" at various locations near the convention and protest areas, and at medic stations and public safety staging areas. The Salvation Army and Second Alarmers also were roaming the area to provide water to first responders.