N.J. man jailed for 'inability to conform behavior to societal norms'

A judge on Friday sentenced a South Jersey man convicted of driving with a suspended license to 18 months in state prison due to his “inability to conform his behavior to societal norms,” according to a release from the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office.

Aaron Hentz, 39, of Paulsboro, received the maximum sentence possible for the offense in the state of New Jersey.

Gloucester County Superior Court Judge Kevin Smith pointed to Hentz’ adult record of 33 convictions – 27 of them misdemeanors and six of them felonies – as evidence “there is nothing the court can do on its own that will have an impact on the defendant,” according to the release.

In addition to drug possession, robbery and theft convictions, Hentz' rap sheet includes multiple drunk driving arrests. “Anytime the defendant gets behind the wheel, he threatens serious harm,”  Smith said. He found no mitigating factors favoring leniency for Hentz.

Smith also handed down a concurrent 6-month prison sentence for an additional offense of hindering apprehension. When Hentz was in October 2012 pulled over on Good Intent Road in Deptford, he gave officers a fake name and said he had no license or registration.

Hentz' car was initially stopped because it was so badly damaged, the driver-side door was tied to the vehicle with rope.