Lancaster Co. woman charged with 72 counts of animal cruelty

A Lancaster County woman was charged with 72 counts of animal cruelty today following a PSPCA raid on December 16 that discovered dozens of dogs and puppies packed into her Lititz home.

Barbara Dienner, of Ballstown Road, was cited for unsanitary confinement and lack of necessary veterinary care. Officers from the PSPCA described the situation as a “classic hoarding case.”

The dogs - 62 of them, mostly spaniel and terriers - were crammed in every available space: the house, barn, garage, closets, bathrooms - even in Amish buggies, according to an account published Dec. 18 in the Inquirer. Many of the animals were suffering from ear and eye infections.

"The house was filled with dogs, they were everywhere," PSPCA president Jerry Buckley told the Inquirer's Amy Worden. "There were three dogs in one buggy and another dog and a puppy in another buggy. They were not just coming home from somewhere, they were locked in there."

Dienner – who surrendered the dogs to the PSPCA - has a long record of violating state kennel laws and has been cited 60 times since 2011 for numerous offenses.

Many of the rescued animals have been placed for adoption at the PSPCA’s main shelter in North Philadelphia.

“We have come together to save these animals from such horrible conditions and now continue to care for them until each one can find a loving home,” said Buckley.