Survey: Trader Joe's favorite grocery store

Almonds in the shell from Trader Joe's stores.

Trader Joe's topped the list of favored grocery stores in a survey of 6,600 consumers by a "consumer intelligence" firm, but Whole Foods also fared among the top three.

Market Force Information said its survey showed Trader Joe’s was the favorite grocery store in North America based on customer satisfaction.

The study of grocery retailers was designed to find where consumers prefer to shop, as well as why they favor one grocer to another. When asked to rate overall satisfaction, consumers also scored Wegmans and ALDI as high.


Where do you shop when stocking the refrigerator and pantry? (You can give more than one answer)

The study did not have a focus on the Philadelphia region, so results included some grocery chains without a local presence.

Among the most recommended nationally:

- Trader Joe's

- Whole Foods

- Publix

- Aldi

- Target

- H-E-B (a Texas-based chain)

- Costco

- WinCo

- King Scoopers

- Hy-Vee

- Winn-Dixie

- Sam's Club

- Kroger