Marquis is a very intelligent and fearless 5-year-old who charms everyone he meets. He is curious about the world around him and delights in exploring his surroundings with the people he loves.

Marquis enjoys playing games and was thrilled to recently visit the Please Touch Museum, where he eagerly roamed from setting to setting, including water play, funhouse mirrors, and a pirate ship. The highlight of his day was the interactive exhibit of the Statue of Liberty.

Diagnosed with autism, Marquis benefits from special-education services in school and especially enjoys story time. He is learning sign language and also speaks a few words.

Marquis is passionate about Mickey Mouse. If he had three wishes, one would be to take a trip to Disney World to see Mickey and Minnie. His other wishes would be to always eat good food and to have a forever family.

He would thrive in a two-parent household where he would be the youngest or only child. Marquis would bring joy, love, and laughter to a family. He is close to his older sister, and they should remain in touch.

Marquis and other children are available for adoption. For information, contact Taylor Rotolo at the National Adoption Center.