Symar loves to talk. His favorite topic is celebrity gossip, but the 16-year-old also enjoys conversing about socioeconomic issues, bullying, and sometimes politics.

He describes himself as confident, determined, intelligent, and focused.

In addition, Symar is passionate about music and easily learns the lyrics to his favorite songs. If he could listen to music all day, he would. Symar also writes songs. Another of his interests is fashion, and he delights in putting outfits together for himself and others. Symar says his style is "fun and edgy." One of his goals is to become a fashion stylist. He is also considering cosmetology as a career.

In the 11th grade, he looks forward to going to school for academic and social reasons. History is his favorite subject because he learns about past presidents. He also likes science.

Symar has experienced many disappointments and separations in his life. He craves the permanency, stability, and support of a loving forever family. He has definite ideas of what he wants in a family. "We would spend a lot of time together and enjoy conversations about funny and serious topics," he says. "We would do movie nights at home, cook together, and go camping."

Symar and other children are available for adoption. For information, contact Paige Roller at the National Adoption Center.