Floatee Luke Rafferty / Staff

Not Your Average Vinegar

If you've never tried shrub - the mixer that hails from colonial times - in your cocktail (or mocktail), what are you waiting for? Tait Farm Foods of central Pennsylvania bottles a tasty version of this tart, sweet fruit-based concentrate that works in cocktails and wine spritzers, as well as vinaigrettes, salsas, and sodas. Try the cherry, raspberry and ginger too.

- Michelle Dembo

Tait Farm Foods Raspberry Shrub, $9, at Fair Food Farmstand at Reading Terminal Market, or

Floating Tea Egg

Attention tea lovers: a new tool for your mug. With a stand included for collecting drops, the floating tea egg makes it easy to brew an excellent cup of tea. Made of stainless steel and silicone, available in five different colors, it will stay afloat in any mug or teapot.

- M.D.

Floatea, $14, at Premium Steap, 111 South 18th St., or