MarketBasket: Coconut hydration fix

Aloha dried organic coconut water powder can be rehydrated with ice water or used as a sugar substitute.

Coconut hydration fix

If you're hooked on coconut water but don't want to lug bottles of it around with you, check out the dried organic coconut water powder from Aloha. Mix it with ice water, or use it as a sugar substitute.

Aloha Coconut, $14.90 for a 6-ounce package at (for 14 servings.)


Heck of a hunk of halva

As a sous chef at Greek-Cypriot restaurant Kanella, Dominic Santora fell in love with Middle Eastern desserts. "I love the textures and the use of nuts and cinnamon," he said. He tinkered with halva, the sesame-based confection, and soon had a product he thought worth sharing. The Philly Halva Co., based out of Kanella's kitchen, sells hunks of pistachio-studded candy and a coffee and chocolate variation. Try a package, or head to reopened Kanella to try it mixed in with the restaurant's ice cream for dessert.

- Samantha Melamed
Philly Halva Co., $1 each at This & That, 1147 Wharton St., Philadelphia, 267-457-3770