New in Chinatown: Happy Noodle Bar


Two out of three ain't bad: The new restaurant at 927 Race St. is called Happy Noodle Bar.

There's plenty of happy from the sweet staffers, and oodles of noodles, including Beijing-style soups. "Bar"? Nah. Not a drink or even a counter to enjoy said noodles.

Snug storefront - which was Nan Zhou Hand-Drawn Noodle House before it was evicted and relocated a block away - is clad in that ubiquitous wood-and-fieldstone motif.

Menu is small by Asian-restaurant standards but hits both the commonplace and unusual: pork fried dumplings and chicken fried dumplings (and a delicious bargain at a buck for four); Chinese hamburger (just what it sounds like); spicy pig ears; kimchi; fried dough; bibimbap (!); and even streaky pork.

Happy Noodle Bar, 927 Race St., 215-625-0133. Open for lunch and dinner; breakfast is due soon.