Zenescope's "Grimm Fairy Tales" and subsequent spinoff series such as "Oz," "Wonderland," "Neverland" and "Robyn Hood," all of which re-imagine characters from classic fables as buxom heroines with assassin like skills, is hitting the road this year.

Located in Horsham, Zenescope plans to bring its popular titles such as "Van Helsing," "Hellchild," and "Cinderella: Serial Killer" on a nation-wide tour of major comic conventions, as well as smaller local comic book shops.  The publisher plans to attend more than twenty-five cons and over twenty retail outlets during the year.

Locally, Zenescope will be showing up at Showcase Comics in Bryn Mawr on Feb. 1, Gamer's Edge in Stroudsburg, PA on Feb. 8 and at JAF Comics in Nazareth, PA on March 8. Appearances by creators, comic book giveaways and limited edition merchandise are scheduled for each event.

For a list of Zenescope convention appearances, click here.