South Jersey native Kelly Ripa gave viewers of Live With Kelly and Ryan a tearful look inside her personal life on Wednesday, opening up about her young, dyslexic son, Joaquin, who began attending high school in September.

As Ripa explained, Joaquin's dyslexia has long made school "a very big challenge for us in our household." As a result, she explained that she "broke down crying" a a recent parent-teacher conference in which Ripa learned that Joaquin, a freshman, had been getting all A's in school.

"He was laughing so hard at me crying because I think it made him uncomfortable," Ripa, 47, said. "I said, 'I'm so proud of you.'"

Ripa, who is also mom to son Michael, 20, and daughter Lola, 16, also broke down on air, prompting co-host Seacrest to shed a few joyful tears while telling Ripa that she and her husband, Mark Consuelos, are inspirational figures for him.

"I see the way you handle career, and most importantly family, and it's so impressive," Seacrest said. "I am inspired by it, and anybody who knows you and watches you agrees. When my mom cries, it makes me cry, so when you cry, it makes me cry."

Fans have since taken to Ripa's latest posts on her Instagram page to applaud the host for discussing her son's difficulties on-air.

"It was so sweet to see you talking about your son," one commenter wrote. "So great that he is excelling. Great job to you and Mark."