Death Cab, By Twilight

How world dominating has the indie music ethos gotten as the aughts come to a close? So world dominating that the track list of the soundtrack to The Twilight Saga: New Moon, which comes out on Oct. 20,  a full month before the second Stephanie Meyer bloodsucking tale of teenage vampire lust hits theaters,  reads like a who's who of hipster indie acts. You've got new songs from Brooklyn's Grizzly Bear, Sweden's Lykke Li,  Britain's Thom Yorke  (who's quite the busy man these days), and a duet between Justin Vernon of Bon Iver and Annie Clark of St. Vincent. And Death Cab For Cutie - you know, the studious sorts fronted by Ben Gibbard, who stole the heart of indie crush object Zooey Deschanel - has scored the first Twilight single, "Meet Me On The Equinox," whose video (which you can see here) features that vampire dude with the freaky eyes without any clothes on.

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