Our critic's selections

Casa de Mi Padre A goofball Spanish-language parody of the cheesily overdramatic telenovela form, with Will Ferrell as the dim-witted son of a Mexican rancher, caught up in romance, sibling rivalry, drug-dealing, and some mystical communion with a talking white lion. R

Jiro Dreams of Sushi Wonderful doc about an octogenarian who serves octopus (and other raw fish) in an impeccable hole-in-the-wall on a Tokyo subway concourse. Accorded the top 3-star ranking from the Michelin guide, Jiro Ono's Sukiyabashi Jiro is no ordinary eatery, and its humble, bespectacled proprietor no ordinary man. A study of a life devoted to work, to simplicity, to purity, and to the quest for perfection. No MPAA rating

A Separation The foreign-language Oscar winner from Iran is an understated, thorny tale of legal and familial strife, as a middle-class, secular Tehran couple in the throes of breaking up are pitted against a poor, devout Muslim couple full of rage and righteousness. PG-13