Randy Travis: I’m going to hate you forever — forever and ever amen

In a tale of woe that sounds like a country song, Randy Travis is accusing his ex-wife, Elizabeth Travis, of divulging confidential information about him in order to damage his reputation and career.

The accusations were made in a countersuit he filed this month against Elizabeth in a federal court in Nashville.

The countersuit is the latest salvo in their ongoing feud. The couple divorced in 2010 after 19 years of marriage. Elizabeth had been Randy’s manager for more than three decades and continued to work with him after they divorced.

She sued him last month claiming that he’d made it impossible for her to do her job and terminated her management contract without proper written notice. She claimed that her ex-husband sent several men, including an armed guard, to clean out her offices on Music Row of items and records linked to him.

Randy says in his countersuit that his ex-wife "completely destroyed the requisite degree of trust" that should exist between an artist and his personal manager. He wants a court to declare that his ex-wife breached her contract and to bar her from receiving any management commissions.

Wizard World Week

Bruce Campbell, who returns to the Philadelphia Convention Center this weekend, told People’s Paper comic-book writer Jerome Maida that he is happy to be coming back to the City of Brotherly Love.

Campbell is excited about his in-development remake of "The Evil Dead" — the film that made him a genre star — which he is co-producing with Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert.

"So far it’s been fabulous," said Campbell. "We’re about halfway through shooting, and basically we’re all excited.

“We’re just updating it for the modern world," he said. "We hope it scares the living hell out of people — especially new fans who feel the original may look a little dated. This is our chance to torment a whole new generation. It’s been 31 years. Enough time has passed to remake it. We need to remind people how scary ‘Evil Dead’ is."

Campbell, who now stars in USA’s "Burn Notice," says there is a key to his ability to consistently find work. "I show up on time, work hard and know my lines. That sounds simple, but you’d be amazed how difficult it is for a lot of actors to nail all three."

As for Wizard World, Campbell said: "You never know what can happen at a convention. Two Klingons might find each other! ‘It takes you 20 hours to put your makeup on! That’s awesome! It takes me 50! Let’s make looove!’ I bet there are more hookups at these conventions than we’ll ever realize."


So many Hollywood features have been turned into Broadway musicals that now they’re starting on documentaries.

A musical based on "Hands on a Hard Body," about a marathon contest for people to keep their hands on a truck, will have a book by Doug Wright and songs by Trey Anastasio (of Phish) and Amanda Green.

It’s not just arts education here that’s in trouble: Poland’s Chamber Opera Orchestra played Mozart’s Requiem — a funeral piece — in front of the Culture Ministry in Warsaw to protest cuts to its budget.

A large banner saying, "Minister, Only You Can Save the Chamber Opera," hung above the artists.

According to the London Sun, Kanye West will eat food only off high-end plates — preferably Hermes — and with ridiculously pricey flatware.

Kanye’s odd and all, but that sounds like crockery.

— Jerome Maida and Daily News wire services contributed to this report.

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