Bank employee makes routine check reorder an ordeal

DEAR HARRY: I just had a terrible experience with my bank.

I called the number on my check-reorder form and spoke with a man who treated me like a child. He asked a series of questions in a condescending manner. He wanted my Social Security number, my address and finally the amount of the last check to clear.

He had a different check than I did because he had a statement that was later than the last one I had. He told me that I would have to stop at a branch because he could not get enough verification. I told him that I could not do that because I'm disabled. "Too bad," he said and then hung up.

My reorder form had the address of the printer as an alternative to calling, so I sent the form off with no further ID. I got the checks this morning.

I just had to get this off my chest, Harry.

WHAT HARRY SAYS: Either this toad is incredibly stupid or the bank has some pretty stupid rules. The checks were going to be sent to the same address that the bank has for your account. What is the purpose of all the verification?

I could understand the need if you were withdrawing money or asking for personal info, but for checks to be printed? The reorder form had all the info needed. Shame on your bank!

Maybe a letter to their chief honcho will do some good.


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