Bernie Parent: When it feels right, do it!

I’m going to make this one simple, because I have important things to do right now. The present moment is so significant, because the present is all you have. You don’t own yesterday, and you don’t own tomorrow. Make no mistake, it is wise to plan for certain things that lie on the road ahead, but you want to make sure you don’t lose sight of living for today. You’ll be missing out on some beautiful experiences.

By choosing to live a conservative and risk-free lifestyle in regards to always looking ahead, you may develop a fear in what the future holds. You lose the present moment, and you’ll never be able to get it back.


I’d like to call myself a spontaneous person. When it feels right, I do it, at that very moment. Do you know what I don’t do? I don’t plan vacations a year ahead of time. The present moment enables you to enjoy what life is all about. Capture it, and let it captivate you. Slow down and enjoy your surroundings, nature, your family and friends, your health, and most importantly, yourself.

If you start to worry about things that may happen 15, 20 years down the road, then your thinking shifts. You’ll constantly be worrying about your investments, health, etc. You’ll be living in fear. And the only way to walk away from this is to remove yourself from your own imagination and the uncertainties that you’ve created, and focus on this very moment.

We all know “The Golden Years” are not promised. “The Golden Years” is the title provided to us by society, and its definition is retirement and settling down. First of all, I don’t believe it’s healthy to retire. I don’t even like the word “retirement.” If you’re not productive in some way, you’re only going to move backward. Instead, look at “your new found freedom” as just another phase in life. The secret is to learn how to adapt and live within the phase you’re currently faced with.

You’re 25 years old, you graduate, and you get a good job, which is what society tells you to do. Don’t spend any money. Save for the future. Buy a house. Pay it off. Guess what? You don’t own anything in this world. You’re just using it. When you die, you can’t take any of these things with you. They’ll just be passed on to someone else who will use them for a while.

So after years of preparing for the future, you look back and say “Shit, I should’ve done this. I should’ve done that.” You spent your time missing out on great opportunities because you were hoping to be better off in the long run. Time does not belong to you, so you better make the best out of your rental. Once it’s gone, it’s never coming back. You can’t buy it, can’t trade it, and can’t ask for an extension. Start thinking about your “Golden Years” as right now. Right now, the market is booming for time, and right now, your time is the most valuable that it’s ever going to be. Your time’s worth is peaking, right now. Right now is the golden time. Spend it wisely.

“Right now, you are the oldest you've ever been and the youngest you'll ever be" – Unknown

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