Reader is 15G richer because transfers aren't being recorded

DEAR HARRY: I have a serious dilemma. I take money regularly from my savings account at the rate of $5,000 per month. For the past three months, I have received the checks and deposited them into my regular checking account, but they have not been charged to my savings account. I know this sounds ridiculous, but there it is. I don't know what might be happening, so I decided to write to you before calling the banks involved. Could I get into trouble by just saying nothing? I'm already $15,000 "richer."

WHAT HARRY SAYS: I hope you're joking in asking your question. Whether you could get into trouble or not, the $15,000 is not yours. First, be sure that you are right. Then notify the bank with your savings account. It may be an error in charging the wrong account or something more sinister like testing the system before a theft by an employee. There have been situations in which employees have enriched the account of an unrelated party as a test to see if they later could enrich their own without getting caught. As I recall, one employee stole several million dollars before he was caught. Get on that phone!


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